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Foreign exchange masters summed up some of the experience of speculation

1. lessons: patience Forex rebate k cashback forexg limit losses observe the market, study the market, accept small, usual profits 2. losses before they come, be prepared if the position cashbackinforex too large, the front is too long, it is easy to be hit hard try to deal with losses in advance, be prepared for the risk of being honest with yourself, many rely on cheating others and lie to others to cope with losses is likely to deal with poor losses 3. Look at losses as businessmen look at expenses, losses are the cost of doing business to control losses the only skill is to decide before Forexrebateking how much loss you can afford at most in this transaction, once the order has been filled, set the level of loss A, low period as an integral part of the trading process, must accept the second for the losses that occur in the low period third courage to look ahead and strive for success 4. Do forexrebateindonesia expect to make money only when it is wrong to expect to make money, do not think it will be successful expectations can not be too high fear of psychological hindrance to win, ubiquitous, need to overcome 5. Templeton 15 rules; a, faith helps investment, making thinking clearer and sharper, stronger will, less affected; b, humility and good learning; c, learning from mistakes, the only way to avoid investment mistakes is not to invest do not make mistakes on the nagging, to avoid repeating the same mistakes; d, investment is not gambling, if constantly in and out, or constantly throwing short, trading, the market has become a casino for you, and finally blood money; e, do not listen to the gossip, there is no free lunch; f, investment to do your homework; g, run the professional institutional investors, smarter than the main force, which is the challenge; h, to buy value for money; I, buy quality products; j, ultra-low absorption; k, do not panic; L, pay attention to the actual return; m, diversification; 6. Forex trading cautionary tale; 1) make plans; 2) expectation and fear are the speculators two worst enemies; 3) keep good records of trading results; 4) no matter how much you lose, maintain a positive attitude; 5) do not be overconfident, your own worst enemy; 6) keep setting higher trading goals; 7) Setting stops is the key to success for many traders, limiting losses; 8) The most successful trades are long term; 9) Successful traders buy on bad news and sell on good news; 10) Successful traders are not afraid to buy at high levels and sell at low levels; 11) Successful traders plan their time effectively to conduct market research; 12) Successful traders set profit targets for every trade they make 13) Dont seek advice beforehand and dont look for news before trading; 14) Constantly work for patience, perseverance, determination and rational behavior; 15) Never exit the market because you have lost patience and never enter the market because you cant wait; 16) Dont enter and exit the market too often; 17) The best way to make a profit is to follow the trend; 18) Trade according to signals or dont enter; 19) Study losses and improve your knowledge of the market. ) study losses to improve understanding of market behavior; 20) speculation in the most difficult is not to predict, but self-control successful trading is difficult and annoying trading in the success of the equation, you are the mouth important factor; 21) price turbulence factors, panic, fear, greed, insecurity, worry, stress and indecision 22) in the market at the top, the same voice of more people, in a major bottom 23) attention to lock single loss in reducing, to close the position; 24) down a month, to rise three months 25) each product, there are its determinants; 26) increase the usual amount of information, reduce the amount of market information when trading; 27) do not let the big win into a loss big win retracement of 20%, leaving the field 28) no one knows everything futures always risk 29) trading success four elements; knowledge. The courage to control properly, money, the energy to combine the first three together properly; 30) foresee losses, accept them with grace and generosity; think hard about always losing the next opportunity, and the next opportunity is likely to be a profitable opportunity; 31) make money with money and keep money is a fundamental element of doing things with a sense of purpose; 32) no progress is the goal to achieve, to set new goals; 33) focus on the art of concentration can help you become an outstanding The art of concentration can help you become an outstanding trader by scheduling time to think carefully, take chances, mull over, investigate, research, analyze, measure and select your trades; 34) Split your profits in two and never risk half of them; 35) The key to successful trading is knowing yourself and knowing your own tolerance for stress; 36) The difference between success and failure is not so much innate ability as it is training in avoiding mistakes in the performance of educated training; 37) the biggest mistake is to put everything on hope do not replace facts with hope loss of self-confidence is the biggest loss 38) impossible to last outstanding performance trading like fencing, either fast movement, or body defeat sword; 39) only 10% of people think; 10% of people think they think; 80% of people would rather die than think; 40) risk Control within 10% 41)If you know and understand the market, it doesnt take a lot of capital to make a trade 42)Traders with a point of view are thin on words; 43)Common mistakes: trading for poor reasons; trading based on hope more than fact; overtrading disproportionate to capital; 44)I like to be short, and here the crowd is usually less swarming is usually wrong, it is usually bearish 45)Novice fatal mistake to have a profit on the shot this is the result of short-sightedness, for the so-called wise people, go to extremes is always foolish 46) good reasons before trading 47) the big impossible becomes possible, do not handicap, quickly cut; 48) what a person is thinking sooner or later, he eventually becomes what 49) trading to see fear as the greatest sin, the art of giving up as the biggest mistake to accept failure as the art of taking a step closer to victory 50) forget about losing you want to make a profit, you have to forget it faster do not get in your own way 51) the characteristics of the bull market, the fundamentals look in line; professional traders are reluctant to buy; less interest; investors are cautiously long; 52) unless three large negative, the main force rarely change direction 53) position under the order to remain calm and clear-headed; 54) capital preservation as important as value-added. 55) missed, do not put midway entry however this is dangerous and difficult 56) the more effort the luckier; 57) instead of trading constantly, trade less a few times a year and get out at a profit; 58) to the target to leave the market, do not be greedy and worried about losing; 59) for commodities, politics is more important than economics; 60) touch the top of the bottom to be careful 61) news always trails after the market; 62) do not in buy on the first rally and dont sell on the first decline 63)Rather than being interested in a piece of news itself, be interested in the markets reaction to that new piece of news
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