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Foreign exchange margin knowledge

cashbackinforex Forex rebate king margin knowledge foreign exchange margin trading foreign exchange margin Forexrebateking the investors own funds as a guarantee, from the bank or brokerage firm to provide financing amplification to foreign exchange transactions, that is, amplify the investors trading guarantee funds financing ratio size, generally decided by the bank or brokerage firm, the greater the proportion of financing, the less money the customer needs to pay the assumption that the dealer provides Margin financing ratio is 100 times, that is, the investor to contribute $ 1000 as margin, according to the dealer to the financing to enlarge 100 times can do 100,000 U.S. dollars of transactions, forexrebateindonesia the investors maximum loss is $ 1000, fully to achieve the role of a small to large a successful transaction will allow investors to become rich, and the biggest loss is the initial investment of the principal so in the world Among all kinds of investments, the fairest and most attractive can be regarded as foreign exchange margin trading How to profit The profit of foreign exchange margin trading is * after comprehensive analysis of the value of the cashback forex, predict the future trend of currency fluctuations, buying and selling the future trend of the currency investors can not only buy at a low price and sell at a high price to profit, but also from the high price first sell (short selling), low price and then buy to close the position and profit because foreign exchange margin trading has Pre-purchase and pre-sale features, allowing two-way investment, and no specified settlement date, the transaction can be completed in a flash, 24 hours a day can enter and exit the market, you can also change the investment direction strategy at any time, is the most flexible, * investment in this regard it has greater advantages than stocks, do not have to be subject to the so-called bear market can not make money in the restrictions of foreign exchange margin trading specifics 1). Exchange rate method in the international market to do foreign exchange margin trading, mainly to the exchange rate fluctuations to show, the specific performance of the exchange rate is a currency against for example, the pound against the dollar is a currency against, it represents the current market price of the pound is compared with the dollar (I list here to explain how many commonly used currency against) in the display price, to the bit five numbers to show, such as: the euro EUR1.1725 on behalf of the euro against the dollar is now the price of 1.1725, JPY111.80, AUD0.6884 and so on the exchange rate of the smallest change for the last number (a point) that: EUR0.0001, JPY0.01, AUD0.0001 and so on the currency exchange rate of high and low, not necessarily equal to the currency value of high and low to Exchange rate classification, currency points: direct currency EUR, British pounds GPB, Australian dollar AUD, New Zealand dollar NZD …… direct currency exchange rate is 1 direct currency exchange how much U.S. dollars, such as the Australian dollar AUD0.5280, that is, an Australian dollar to 0.5280 U.S. dollars; EUREUR0.9003, that is, a euro to 0.9003 U.S. dollars Indirect currency Japanese yen JPY, Swiss franc CHF, Canadian dollar CAD…… indirect currency is 1 U.S. dollar to how much indirect currency, such as the yen JPY111.80, that is, 1 U.S. dollar to 111.80 yen; Swiss franc CHF1.6006, that is, 1 U.S. dollar to 1.6006 Swiss franc 2). Exchange rate quotation system Foreign exchange margin to purchase price (DealingRate) to trade, by the bank or broker to set the price of buying and selling at the same time, the customer decided to buy and sell direction to the euro against the dollar, for example, the price of buying and selling (spread) difference of 3-5 for investors, the smaller the spread, the smaller the cost, the opportunity for profit is also greater 3). Foreign exchange margin trading contract unit Foreign exchange margin trading contract unit, similar to stock trading, are a certain number as a unit (lot / mouth) to trade generally 100,000 yuan for a group (some places are also called lots), to trade and calculate profit and loss Foreign exchange margin trading compared to stock trading several advantages 1, time stock market trading has a specific time and foreign exchange margin trading is a day 24 hours trading the worlds three main trading time period: 8:00 am is Japan Tokyo opening, closing at 3:00; 3:00 pm is Europe London opening, closing at 10:00; 8:30 pm is New York opening, closing in the next day 3:30 am in the United States after the closing is Australia opening, but in the morning 3:00-8:00 Tokyo opening transaction is very little (above) Mentioned are to Beijing time to say) 2, the number of changes in the stock market there are thousands of stocks, and foreign exchange margin trading, the most important currency against is the Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar, the euro against the U.S. dollar, the British pound against the U.S. dollar, the U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen, the U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc these five varieties so that you can focus on the experience analysis, so as to seize the opportunity 3, the volume of transactions The stock market trading volume of domestic up to 30 billion yuan / day, and The foreign exchange market is a global market, including all the central banks, banks, investment funds and large investment banks are traded here, the daily volume of some people have done statistics is 3 trillion dollars / day, anyone including the Federal Reserve on the price of the impact is limited, like the Central Bank of Japan often intervene in the market, but it can not affect the trend of the yen, can only play a temporary relief role, is a very good Example 4, two-way transaction The stock market can only open a one-way position to buy up, once down can not make money, can only wait; and in the foreign exchange market, whether the foreign exchange rate up or down, can buy and sell, both can buy up can also buy down first after buying up hedge to close the position 5, commission-free In foreign exchange margin trading, investors are free of commission and handling fees due to foreign exchange has a buying price and selling price, and the difference between the buying and selling price is the spread, which is Transaction costs Foreign exchange trading basics foreign exchange foreign exchange (forex that foreignexchange) has a broad and narrow sense of two broad foreign exchange refers to all assets expressed in foreign currency our country and other countries in the foreign exchange management decree generally follow this concept such as our country issued the "Peoples Republic of foreign exchange management regulations", foreign exchange refers to: (1) foreign currency, including banknotes (2) foreign currency payment certificates, including bills, bank deposit certificates, postal savings certificates, etc.; (3) foreign currency marketable securities, including government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks, etc.; (4) special drawing rights, European currency units; (5) other foreign exchange assets from this sense foreign exchange is foreign currency assets narrowly refers to the means of payment expressed in foreign currency that can be used for international settlement between; in the narrow sense foreign exchange In this sense, only the foreign currency funds deposited in banks, as well as the right to claim on bank deposits in foreign currency instruments to constitute foreign exchange, mainly including: bank drafts, checks, bank deposits, etc. This is the usual sense of the concept of foreign exchange foreign exchange market transactions of foreign exchange to take its narrow definition between countries, because of trade, investment, tourism and other economic exchanges, giving rise to a currency payment relationship due to the countries The currency is different, which gives rise to a countrys currency and another countrys currency exchange problems, the exchange rate is the rate of exchange
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