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Foreign exchange gold trading homeopathy how to do how to make money

about homeopathy, I really have something to say: just set foot in th Forex rebate king industry, really is very impulsive every day, there have been three days and nights not to eat or drink or sleep, staring at the computer, but such a time actually you Forexrebateking not eat or drink or sleep staring at the plate also does not help, the market is against your open single direction has been constantly going, cashback forex experience believe that many friends are So where exactly is the mistake? This actually has a lot to do with the homeopathic trend, and well compare the following questions: when you place a single you actually look at that cashbackinforex to place a single? What is the basis of your order? Why do you want to place an order at this price? Although I summarize the problem only these three, but behind the three problems or a question about the trend I use reasoning to say that the three problems since the use of reasoning, so first of all, the third problem 3, why do you want to order at this price? In fact, we can solve this problem, first look at the chart to speak with the chart: gold monthly chart gold weekly chart gold daily chart gold four-hour chart gold one-hour chart gold 30-minute chart gold 15-minute chart gold 5-minute chart above I listed from the monthly chart to the five-minute chart of the eight time periods of the chart, so look at it at a glance, the current price of each forexrebateindonesia of the position So, you use that chart to place an order? At least see these charts you are not very thoughtful? Now the price under the short single? Now the price under more single? Or wait for the rebound to meet resistance failure after the short? Or wait for a pullback after meeting support and then do more? Wait ...... This is the timing of the transaction, that is, you in the end in which price to enter the field is to use the minimum risk to maximize profits, this time if you look at different time periods of the chart alone, we can place a single, just different prices, according to different time periods to do short and do more, right! If you are not afraid to lose, you can try if I tell you can not do so, never so alone to see a time cycle on the easy single, why? I next reasoned the second question 2, what is the basis of your single? This problem needs to be explained with the trend to follow a trend direction to do a single, how to do you are making money if you go against the trend direction to do a single, how to do you are losing money (if you go against the trend direction to do a single, making money is accidental, losing money is inevitable), this is undoubtedly, do not believe you can also try this is the most basic trading strategy homeopathic trading our single basis is: follow the direction of the major cycle, in the small cycle This time we need more than one time cycle resonance as a basis, this according to each of us on the transaction of single time preferences set time cycle, I personally prefer short term trading, I use three time cycles to verify each other as a basis for single, if the long-cycle trend are down, I look for short-cycle rebound after the failure of resistance shorting opportunities, if the long cycle are up If the long-period trend is down, I look for short opportunities after the short-period pullback met support so that the large-period direction of homeopathic trading, how much money is made out of the problem, you are looking ahead 200 meters, or 500 meters or further 1000 meters, always remember the word greed, profitable on good, but certainly not the second problem I think see here should be understood, homeopathic in fact, to put it bluntly is to look at the direction of the large cycle to find small The second problem I think to see here should be understood, in fact, frankly speaking is to look at the direction of the cycle to find small single opportunities, as to which time cycle resonance, you need to define yourself according to the individual you are a short term trader, or medium-term traders or long term traders, and then determine which time cycle resonance as the basis for the single above two problems solved, we logically the first problem is also solved in your single time you actually look at the chart single? In the small cycle chart to see the resistance and support to place a single example: today is August 9, 2018 below is todays four-hour chart of gold below this is the hourly chart of gold below this is the five-minute cycle chart of gold from the four-hour chart to see gold is a downtrend, the current price is in a resistance position near 1216 running an hourly chart to see gold is down after the correction, currently in 1204 to 1220 range running, above we focus on the resistance near 1220, now 1216 is also resistance, comprehensive four-hour and one-hour cycle, continue to be short, wait five minutes after the market rally met resistance failure, start shorting follow up, look below the support, profit taking above this example is also what we want to say today about the trend and trading example summary: 1, judge the large cycle trend   such as: four-hour and one-hour trend 2, analysis of 5-minute resistance and support 3, patiently wait for the price to reach the resistance or support, and then start again to follow up, to the bottom or above the important support or resistance to leave the field 4, so that a complete transaction is over here we just talk about homeopathic trading, this is also the most most basic to do transactions, if Without the homeopathic trading, then do not do the transaction, might as well go directly to the bank to deposit money Author: Xinxi 
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