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Foreign exchange experts teach you how to identify the trend!

We all know the phrase, TRENDISYOURFRIEND, cashback forexrebateindonesiaforex the trend to be friends, with the trend, do not buck the trend of th Forex rebate king basic truth we all understand, but we all ignore the most most important point, with the trend is not always follow the direction of the trend, but to know when the trend began, when it ends! You can be earlier than others to realize that the trend ends, can be earlier than others to realize that the trend begins, it is possible to improve the profit and loss ratio (here the meaning is to avoid more in the highest point, empty in the lowest point, the pursuit of more in the lowest point, empty in the highest point) to do transactions is to analyze the price trend, the price trend is the price movement over Forexrebateking, it will form the direction, I divided the direction into 3 categories, long, short, oscillating I do trend Strategy is, more trend more strong, short trend empty weak, oscillation more weak empty strong! (More weak empty strong means that the price is more up the more empty, the more down the more) then how to analyze when the trend began, when the continuation, when the reversal, it becomes the most important target method there are three main: one, the speed (or strength) because the essence of the price chart is the movement of prices over time, then the price divided by the angle of inclination of time or the speed of change, can reflect the change of the long short momentum price along The main direction of the cashback forex fluctuations must be fast, so the direction of speed fluctuations is the main direction of the market Then for this reason, the use of speed to determine the continuation of the trend and the trend reversal there are two cases of sharp rise and slow fall, look for more; sharp fall and slow rise, bearish sharp rise and sharp fall, bearish; sharp fall and sharp rise, look for more The following 2 charts are examples of gold trends This trend continuation can be described by a story of the reasoning, the long gave a punch to the air, the air did not dare to fight back, the head got his way, and gave the air a flying foot, the air continued not to dare to fight back, then continue to see more, the head will continue to attack the short this reversal of the theory, with the same story described, the head chased the short fight to the doorstep, the air is anxious, turn back to fight with the head, the head saw the situation out of control, the retreat, the air continues to ride the two psychological, whether in The two psychological, whether in the children fighting, or marching to war, are human nature psychology, very good understanding of the second, time and space here is my years of experience in doing single summary, the price of time and space will exist in the linkage so please do the transaction, do not just focus on the price of high and low look at the same time to look at the length of time change the most simple example: why all the professional traders on Wall Street said to do long, short for Here the long and short does not mean price, it is time! Because the stock market and commodities rise slowly, the bull market takes years and the collapse is always an instant, Black Monday, Black Friday, so please realize that the market movement is not just a variable of price! Then the relationship between time and space, I summarized there are 3 points: 1, time space interchangeability horizontal how long vertical how high, this bureau old saying, women and children know, but there is no thinking about the essence behind - to think about the nature of the transaction from the nature of why thousands of years of trading market is always such a market trading volume daily monthly relatively fixed, price fluctuations range relatively Fixed, so if now is a sideways finishing, the price fluctuations during this period of time is very small, it is inevitable that some time in the future should be volatile market outbreak out of mixed sooner or later is to return! If the short-term market sentiment, violent fluctuations, that will certainly get a period of shock adjustment period passion is always very short-lived, the climax will be deflated 2, the speed of the market for a short period of time, the slow speed of the market for a longer period of time flyer Bolt with the speed of running 100 meters definitely can not run 5000 meters, if you want to run for a long time, that speed is bound to come down so we encounter short-term price fluctuations When, do not be afraid, usually not last too long, if you do the right direction, do not take too long if you want to enter to do the reversal, in fact, relatively safe to give an example, gold non-farm falls 300 points, may fall 300 points again? Obama was re-elected up 500 points, may continue to rise again? 3, do not bear the risk of time if I entered the support position, not in accordance with the expected direction of the rise, but also did not fall below the support sweep me stop loss, I will also close the position away because the price has not changed, time change is an important manifestation of the market out of the question! This is also called the Spaghetti Hound phenomenon - the things that should happen did not happen, is out of the question, in the trading market, only more than empty, non-more that empty three, the rhythm of this is my many years of experience, the summary of the above two points and improve is also the most important part of my trading system trend good sustained must need to maintain a good rhythm! Rhythm is broken, the trend can not be sustained! Here the rhythm can be understood as a wave up a wave down, alternately changing the space and time of each wave up and down will form the rhythm of the market movement with the previous market two charts to illustrate: the euro QE3 before the strong rise, but the day before QE3, the market is no longer horizontal adjustment, and constantly slow innovation high, after QE3, I decisively into the short and think the decline will be very large after the euro in September The rhythm was later destroyed, the big rise and fall is the performance of the end of the downtrend, the late continue to see more Australian dollar in early August, the channel above the should pull back, but continue to rise, when my post has been shouting empty, it is because of the destruction of the long rhythm, is a sign of reversal empty a week, and then finally something about gold I am short in the medium term, in fact, the reason is very simple, the rhythm of destruction, just look reversal look at the chart will understand the same reason, gold fell down near 1700, down rhythm in this break, so the market after gold after the market will shake or up I have these methods will allow me to get hints before the market reversal, prepare in advance have an example analogy, a healthy person, if the work and rest is regular, eat on time and sleep on time, then will continue to be healthy if you work for 3 days in a row, no rest, then you will think he is full of energy, the later will work better? Definitely a dead end so the market to go far, you must go and stop, a breath of air rush too fierce, not a good thing the market will always take care of the long and short! Firm more, or firm empty, will make money Finally send you a sentence, the famous Wall Street saying: cattle and bears will make money, pigs and sheep born to be slaughtered! (Pigs are greedy people, sheep are timid people) This is the first time and you share my trading system, technical analysis is nothing more than the direction and points, later on the choice of points to share with you again!
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