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Foreign exchange basics foreign exchange platform and foreign exchange trading notes

th Forex rebate king article only say some ordinary basic tutorials will forexrebateindonesia mention the knowledge, one is to facilitate your underst cashbackinforexing of the cost of cashback forex Forexrebateking trading, the second is to understand some of the basic identification platform formal or not methods   a foreign exchange platform white and black at present, the domestic is not approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission foreign exchange margin trading platform, if you want to do Foreign exchange margin trading, you can only choose the foreign exchange platform outside the country Although some banks currently also provide foreign exchange trading services, but no margin trading, that is, no leverage and, domestic banks provide foreign exchange and precious metals trading transaction costs are very touching, basically only as a personal finance foreign exchange reserves to hedge the risk of devaluation of the yuan choice Since there is no formal domestic foreign exchange platform, to choose Offshore platform, we must learn to distinguish the offshore platform distinction method to know, the current market in the foreign exchange platform, more than 80% are black platform  foreign exchange black platform has three levels: 1, access to the gold without restrictions, profit can also be withdrawn from the gold, but the transaction cost is very expensive, generally one hand gold transaction cost of 100 U.S. dollars, at least 80 U.S. dollars platform to earn losses and ultra-high fees, such Most of the Hong Kong platform if only the commission is expensive, but not a black platform, black platform is mainly no real regulation, and the use of industry associations membership number instead of regulation or set of regulation this kind of conscience black 2, investors can only lose money, can not make money the principal can be withdrawn, the profit part of not allowed to withdraw gold this kind of standard black 3, the funds only into the not, only into the gold, out of the gold a penny can not such is through the heart black The third of these accounts for only a small percentage, most of them are the first and second To distinguish the foreign exchange platform formal or not, first of all, you can judge from the regulation: the current mainstream regulatory platforms are the United States NFA, the UK FCA, Switzerlands FINMA, Australia ASIC, these are the more stringent regulation of the platform other regulation, such as New Zealand, Cyprus, Belize and so on regulation is relatively Weaker need to be noted that the United States NFA-regulated platform is only the Carlson Group and OANDA, other publicity by the NFA-regulated platform, are false propaganda In addition, foreign exchange brokers are not only retail customers, there are institutional customers previously mentioned regulatory bodies, not only to regulate foreign exchange transactions, but also to regulate investment advice and other financial services that is, these regulatory bodies issued by the license, may also be It is a general financial license, or investment advisory license, must be a foreign exchange retail license to be considered formal regulation, otherwise the other are invalid the so-called foreign exchange retail qualification is to retail investors to carry out foreign exchange economic business Second, you can also judge the security from the platform background: this article refers to the background mainly refers to the public way to query the listed background, as for some consortium or investment bank background, too easy to fake, not It is recommended to consider listed foreign exchange brokers, mainly in Hong Kong and the United States listed brokers, listed on the British London Stock Exchange can also be considered and must be in the stock software can be found on the listed company stock code and earnings and other information, the listed company public information on foreign exchange economic business is credible because listed companies consider maintaining the companys share price, absolutely do not dare to easily embezzle the principal of the customer, otherwise Once there is negative news, the stock price will plummet likewise, in compliance will be more formal than other platforms, but also to avoid the emergence of customer complaints currently on the market there are some third-party foreign exchange platform qualification query software, if the software determines that the platform is a black platform, the basic judgment will not be wrong but if the software determines that the platform is a normal platform, or a relatively high rating, does not mean that the platform must be really formal Third-party qualification inquiry platform is also profitable, the same may improve the rating level of the platform with interest relevance Since the third-party qualification inquiry platform is mentioned, it is necessary to remind, such platforms are often a gathering place for scammers, because the foreign exchange investment retail investors are more concentrated, novices are also more, easy to fool therefore, do not easily believe that these platforms brokers, some even black platform salesman summary. Foreign exchange platform is recommended to choose FCA or ASIC, FINMA regular regulatory platform or the United States Hong Kong UK listed brokers, New Zealand, Cyprus and other regulation is not to say that you can not choose, but if there is no listed company or other background, security may be greatly reduced listed foreign exchange brokers security to be higher than the general sense of regulation, because listed company stock information is easy to query, can not Fake, and regulatory number easy to set or use non-foreign exchange retail license masquerading as regulatory qualifications, ordinary people difficult to distinguish Second, the leverage of foreign exchange trading and profit and loss calculation 1, the principle of shorting often heard that foreign exchange and futures can do more shorting, do more easy to understand, buy low and sell high shorting is how it is? The so-called shorting, can be understood in this way, is that investors first to the exchange lend the subject of investment (such as gold, crude oil, stocks, foreign exchange, etc.), in the high first sold and then wait for the price of investments back after the low buy back to the exchange high sell, low buy back, earn the difference is shorting profits such as taking gold for example, assuming that the current price of gold 1200 U.S. dollars / ounce, the current price short 1 hand (100 ounces), it is equivalent to the exchange to borrow 100 ounces of gold, to 1200 U.S. dollars to sell, get 1200 * 100 = 120,000 U.S. dollars to wait for the gold price fell to 1198, and then buy back 100 ounces from the market, using 119,800 U.S. dollars 120,000 - 119,800 = 200 U.S. dollars shorting profit of 200 U.S. dollars of course, here no Consider the transaction costs, in fact, need to deduct 10-20 U.S. dollars in transaction costs of the current stock, futures, foreign exchange market shorting principle are so A shares can also be shorted on a single stock, known as securities, but the threshold is high, and not all stocks support shorting Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks are able to operate in both directions 2, what is leverage? Leverage trading, also known as margin trading, generally only need to pay a certain percentage of the total value of goods as margin, buy or sell (borrow to sell) the goods, to be sold or bought (buy to return) the goods after the price of goods to reach the stop-loss or stop-gain point, to complete the transaction take gold for example, assuming that the current price of gold is 1200 (units of U.S. dollars / ounce), 1 lot of gold is 100 ounces, then the total value of 1 lot of gold is: 1200 * 100 = 120,000 U.S. dollars If the leverage ratio is 100 times, the margin required for 1 lot of gold is: 120,000/100 = 1200 U.S. dollars If the leverage is 500 times, then the margin for 1 lot is: 120,000/500 = 240 U.S. dollars If the price of gold rises to 1201 U.S. dollars, then 1 lot Gold value is 1201 * 100 = 120100 U.S. dollars at this time to sell, then the profit is 120100 - 120000 = 100 U.S. dollars If the leverage is 100 times, then use 1200 U.S. dollars of margin, profit 100 U.S. dollars, profit 100/1200 = 8.3% If the leverage is 500 times, then use 240 U.S. dollars of margin, profit 100 U.S. dollars, profit 100/240=41.6% The higher the leverage, the greater the percentage of profit Conversely, if it is down $1, the price becomes 1199, then the percentage of profit becomes the equivalent percentage of loss Perhaps you are thinking, the same are profits of $100, 100 times leverage and 500 times leverage is there a difference? But suppose you have $1200 in principal, 100 times leverage, you can buy 1 lot of gold, fluctuate 1 point, profit $100 500 times leverage, $1200 in principal, you can buy 5 lots of gold, fluctuate 1 point, profit $500 The difference between high leverage and low leverage is also reflected here, to compare the same principal in the case of profit and loss comparison of the above calculation, are not Consider the spread and fees and other transaction costs 3, foreign exchange currency pairs of long and short profit and loss calculation of foreign exchange currency pairs refers to the exchange rate of two currencies, for example, the euro / U.S. dollar indicates the European and American currency pairs, where the euro is the base currency, the U.S. dollar is the denominated currency 1 hand currency pair contract is 100,000 base currency units, such as 1 hand of European and American currency pairs for 10W euros, 1 hand of U.S. currency pairs for 10W U.S. dollars in accordance with 500 times leverage for example, assuming, EUR/USD is 1.1652, USD/CHF is 0.99261 lots of EUR/USD, worth 10W EUR, margin is 1165.2 USD (1.1652 USD 100,000 & divide;500 leverage = 233.04 USD); 1 lot of USD/CHF, worth 10W USD, margin is 200 USD (100,000 & divide;500 leverage = 200 USD); 1 lot of USD/CHF, worth 10W USD, margin is 200 USD (100,000 & divide;500 leverage = $200) take the U.S. Swiss for example, the current price is 0.9926, if you now hold a lot of U.S. Swiss long single, the margin is $200, but a lot worth 10W U.S. dollars according to the current price of 0.9926, is also worth 9.926W Swiss francs if an hour later, the price of U.S. Swiss rose to 0.9975, an increase of 0.5% or so but converted into Swiss francs The value is 9.975W CHF 1 hour profit 9.975W - 9.926W = 0.049W = 490 CHF That is, you use the principal of $ 200 (1 lot of margin), 1 hour, earned 490 CHF, converted into U.S. dollars is equal to about 491.2 U.S. dollars, a profit of 245.6% originally the U.S. Swiss price fluctuations of 0.5%, because 500 times the leverage, the fluctuations Enlarge 500 times, it is close to 0.5% * 500 = 250% The profit calculated above is 245.6%, because the increase is not strictly 0.5%, I ignore the last few decimal places, resulting in a decline in accuracy Conversely, if it is down about 0.5%, that is a loss of about $ 500 If your account total remaining funds of less than about 100 U.S. dollars, has long been forced to close positions The above calculation, are not considered spreads and fees and other transaction costs 4, forced to close (burst) believe that most people have heard of burst, burst for many foreign exchange margin trading, almost equivalent to a death sentence burst is also called forced to close is the investors principal loss to a certain amount, after touching the mandatory closing line, the foreign exchange platform in order to control risk and prevent investors from losing more than all the principal ( Wear position), take compulsory measures to force the investors position to close all the behavior of different platforms forced to close the line is different, some are 30%, some are 50% assume that a platforms forced to close the proportion of 50%, that is, the investors remaining funds less than 50% of the position margin, will be forced to close the position assume 1 lot of gold margin is 1200 U.S. dollars (100 times the leverage, the current point of 1200 ), the investor account a total of $ 2000, hold a lot of gold when the loss to the account net amount of $ 1200 * 50% = $ 600, will be forced to close the position that is, the loss amount of $ 2000 - 600 = $ 1400, will be burst position burst is one of the biggest risks of foreign exchange trading, to avoid bursting the method is never heavy operation  three, the cost of foreign exchange trading any Investment products, there will be a problem of transaction costs, one is because there is already a spread between the purchase and sale prices of the market, the second is because the platform (broker) to charge a fee as a service profit, so to provide better and more sustainable service foreign exchange transaction costs consist of three main parts: 1, spread 2, fees 3, overnight interest 1, spread regular broker, generally to the bank to check the offer, but also Not only docked to a bank, each bank in order to ensure their own profits, there must be a spread between the bid price and the ask price, the bid price is greater than the ask price, the bid price - ask price = spread Of course, some market maker (marketmaker) type of broker, they can provide their own quotes, there will be a spread from the bank to get the spread is called the bare spread, the broker can also be on this basis On top of that, the broker can also increase the bid price and lower the ask price, increasing the spread between the bid and ask prices, that is, adding spreads (ECN accounts generally do not add spreads, because ECN is mainly for institutional clients to reduce their transaction costs, the broker will add additional fees, as their profits, ECN accounts are generally bare spreads) agents can also continue to add spreads on top of that Generally floating changes, most regular brokers are floating spreads, there are very few fixed spreads, but I just heard, have not seen, after all, too many platforms, individuals only pay attention to the more effective, principal protection of the two regulatory, the other less attention to the general gold bare spreads between 0.3-1.0, that is, a hand about 3-10 U.S. dollars, European and American currency pairs, about 0-4 spreads, also It is a handful of 0-5 U.S. dollars (0 is a very small number of cases, most of them are 1-5), here are the bare spreads 2, handling fees some platforms, do not earn spreads, it is impossible to do the Thunderbolt, must be a little profit for example, ECN accounts, generally will add 6-7 U.S. dollars a handful of fees, gold foreign exchange are similar some even if not ECN, spreads are not bare spreads, will also add some handling fees because if you add all the costs to the spreads For example, the gold platform in Hong Kong, a general lot of 100 U.S. dollars transaction costs, if all into the spread, the price of buying and selling plus the difference in data, to a point, the difference between the regular platform between 0.03-0.10 platform also feel a little embarrassed, the spread is set to 0.5, and then charge a fee of 50 U.S. dollars to the public claim The actual cost of the transaction is still $100. Some platforms, the spread has been increased, and will not be counted as a separate fee General no commission platform, the spread is between 0.25-0.5 after the price increase 3, overnight interest overnight interest is easy to ignore most newcomers, overnight interest is also an important cost of holding positions, especially those who like to do long term about overnight interest The explanation of the Dounian is this: Swap interest refers to the period of foreign exchange transactions, the position must be delivered after two trading days If the trader sold 100,000 euros on Tuesday, the investor must be delivered on Thursday, unless the euro position is extended overnight dealers will be at six oclock in the morning Beijing time, automatically all open positions for extended overnight, so that the original foreign exchange parts can be transferred to the expiration date before The swap points are based on the underlying currency pair and the swap interest rate varies between the two currencies and moves with the daily price movements. The swap pips for an open position may be $2.0 added or subtracted from the accounts capital if the client is long (holding) a high interest currency, the swap on the open position will be added to the accounts capital and conversely, the related swap will be subtracted from the capital Special Note: Every Thursday (or Wednesday in some cases), the swap will be added or subtracted three times as much as on weekdays because Delivery actually occurs on Monday, 2 days after the weekend In short, the SWAP has a positive and negative, and brokers can also do tricks on the SWAP General UK FCA and Switzerland FINMA regulation of the SWAP will be higher ASIC regulation of a little lower SWAP if 0 or always negative for both buyers and sellers, that can basically be judged to be a black platform most of the time, buying and selling in both directions, a positive and a negative It should be noted that there are very few ASIC-regulated platform overnight interest is 4/-4, but FCA and FINMA regulation, overnight interest is generally a little higher If you want to see whether the platform from the overnight interest benefits, look at the absolute value of the difference between buying and selling overnight interest, if the difference is not large, it means that the platform did not earn much from it, such as the second chart above if the negative absolute value of large, positive For example, the second chart above, if the negative absolute value is large and the positive absolute value is small, the platform also earned a little difference, such as the first and third chart because the bank to the overnight interest, the difference between buying and selling is generally not too big most platforms will earn profits from the overnight interest, these can not be or not, but if the overnight interest buying and selling prices are negative, generally black platform, please stay away if most operations are day trading, is not to consider the overnight interest if If you like to take a long term position, you must consider this transaction cost, if the position is held for more than a week, this transaction cost may offset the spreads and fees to reduce the cost to bring the advantage Generally traders who do not hold positions for more than a week, you only need to consider the spreads and fees, do not pay too much attention to the swap interest If you take a long term position, you need to consider the swap interest factor transaction cost = spread cost + Most black platforms advertise a fee of $50, which will make newcomers think that the transaction cost is only $50, the actual transaction cost may be much higher general ECN account gold transaction costs between $8-16 per lot, basically not more than $20 but no one foreign exchange broker will recommend you ECN account, even if recommended, will add an additional $15-50 commission Otherwise, the broker will have to lose money General black platform transaction cost is 100 U.S. dollars (50 U.S. dollars spread + 50 U.S. dollars commission, if - transaction cost is 100 U.S. dollars, 99.9% probability of black platform, earn your loss), there are some black platform and the regular platform transaction cost is about the same, but basically will not be lower than the regular platform Fourth, the advantages of foreign exchange trading advantages of foreign exchange trading is quite obvious, mainly the following points: 1, you can buy up and buy down, T + 0 trading, flexible operation, which is not comparable to the domestic A shares 2, the foreign exchange market trading volume is huge, is the worlds largest trading market, the dealer manipulation is extremely difficult 3, the foreign exchange market is mature, international market, trading mechanism is mature, the domestic A-share system is not yet complete 4, margin trading, leverage up to 100-500 times. High utilization of funds 5, long trading hours, almost 24-hour trading V. The disadvantages of foreign exchange trading Although there are many advantages of foreign exchange trading, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, and is fatal to anyone who recommends retail investors to do foreign exchange trading, the motives are bad, either to earn commission, or to earn your losses, the latter generally account for 80% If you only say the advantages, not the disadvantages Often the motives are problematic disadvantages are mainly as follows: 1, high leverage, gains and losses are magnified, more than 90% of investors have a burst experience once the burst, most of the principal loss 2, ordinary people do not have the ability to identify the regular platform, easy to meet the black platform Six, foreign exchange investment can make money? This question has actually been asked countless times, foreign exchange investment in foreign countries have a history of decades, is currently the worlds largest trading volume of investment markets, if you can not make money, there will not be so many people involved but, and other markets, the real money, most of the institutional accounts are the fate of retail investors in any country is the same, are cannon fodder, the difference is that in countries with different levels of financial market maturity, retail losses The proportion of retail investors operating foreign exchange losses is also very high, the main reason for the losses, because the leverage not only magnifies the profits and losses, but also magnifies the investors inner fear and greed even stocks can not be stable profits, plus the leverage of foreign exchange, not because you can do more can also do short and T + 0 become easier, just to shorten your stock above a year of losses to a week or even A day in a nutshell: foreign exchange investment can make money, but you are not suitable, and do not expect to make a lot of money real investors, is the need to learn the appropriate theoretical knowledge and adequate training, rather than like a gambler, the beginning to take all the principal bet currently domestic investor education is basically missing, not many retail investors in contact with foreign exchange margin trading before really know risk control, hear the Most of the stories are 1W capital into the market to turn 1000 times, 1W times the trading myth  seven, to foreign exchange trading advice to newcomers first of all, foreign exchange account platform: 1, for the account platform, if not listed foreign exchange broker, or can check the FCA, FINMA, ASIC foreign exchange retail qualification regulation, or recommend the person who opened the account can tell you their real information, basic No need to consider, it is likely to encounter the black platform 2, all the people who introduced you to the black platform, are suspected of fraud since suspected of fraud, these people are afraid to tell you the true identity, otherwise, once you come back to your senses, know that they were cheated by the police, they can not escape legal sanctions Therefore, the person who recommended you to the platform to open an account, it is very critical, as long as he dared to disclose the true identity information, it is basically not a black platform (here the Do not easily trust anyone you know on the Internet, including chatting for a year, as long as you have not seen the real person, may be a fraud, even if you tell your name, or send a photo ID to you, these may be false 3, where the first recommended stocks, and then introduced gold, constant index foreign exchange and other investments, are impure motives, the recommended platform is also more than 99% of the black Platform right, thats right, is the kind of gambling platform that eat your losses About forex trading: 1, if you cant even stock profit, dont expect forex trading T + 0 trading mechanism can be profitable, because forex trading leverage is just to enlarge or accelerate your stock losses 2, whether it is stock or gold forex HSI investment, are to learn first, simulation training, at least simulation training 4-6 months can be stable and profitable, and then the actual operation or you are likely to be one of those losses and leave the cannon fodder, especially in foreign exchange margin investment, because you can buy up and buy down, in fact, there is no bear market and bull market is not possible you miss a year or two years of the market, you miss the opportunity to get rich on the contrary, if because of your blind confidence, all the capital into the margin trading, and eventually burst the position The principal is left with little, resulting in irreparable losses investment is not a game, nor is it a job, the game died, you can come back to a game, the job is gone, you can find again, the investment capital loss, perhaps a lifetime without the opportunity to come back most people lose money is lost in their own ignorance and blind confidence, I do not believe that you are reading this article is that gifted investment genius, so it must be simulated first 3, do not believe those so-called foreign exchange gold experts on the network, the operation of the size of the non-farm market big profit story  those stories, 90% of the soft copy of the scammers, the remaining 10% inside, 9.9% is ignorant gamblers in the show-off, they just do not understand the risk, has not yet encountered a blowout just because the data market (small non-farm, etc.) is the most likely to make a big loss, but also a good time to blow out the position Either do not participate in the data market, or a light position to participate in the personal recommendation not to participate in 4, for stable and profitable trader, more than 10% of the position may be a heavy position, at most do not exceed 20% position, otherwise it is unlikely to be stable profit, unless you are a genius type of trader personal recommendation to control the simulation stage below 10%, if you do not treat the simulation funds as real money operation, two months I would advise you not to touch margin trading anyone who can turn a position in the short term, will be burst, just a matter of time speculation foreign exchange speculation futures finally end their lives gamblers, the reason for light life is basically burst 5, even if you can simulate a profitable, live and simulated are two different things recommended in the live phase, must find a person who can control you, supervise your transactions, at least once a week to see Once a trading account, not only to check the account funds, but also to check whether there is a heavy operation behavior This is very important, is to prevent you from dragging the family into the abyss of an effective method of silent trading, it is easy to go into a dead end, and your family found a substantial loss, it may be too late 6, in the simulation stage, you can put your original ready to put the funds into the real position, into low-risk financial products one can There are part of the financial gains, the second is to prevent the itchy mind to put the principal into the real position caused by losses 7, may be, someone will say to you, first put a little less even after the loss, not much loss this sentence seems very reasonable, I want to tell you, away from such people, especially to recommend you to open an account platform people if you do not fully understand the margin trading, investment in foreign exchange for you and gambling is not much different, and all people are addicted to gambling. All people, there is a gambling addiction maybe just put in only 1000 U.S. dollars at the beginning, the final loss may be 100,000 U.S. dollars 8, as for those online free to take you fried HSI, fried gold masters, basically are not able to stabilize the profitability of people, real masters, profit is not easy, no time to share everywhere to show off, are smothered, absolutely no time to teach disciples at the same time, most of the trader is also Will not take out their own trading signals to share 9, there is a tool called EA, simply put is automatic single if someone recommends to you, do not believe that you can use to test, test time of at least 6 months EA can make money, but definitely not brainless money, but the need for human intervention often write EA people, the EA characteristics of a better understanding of the EA, can more effectively intervene in the implementation of EA if you If you cant write, I personally recommend not trying to think about it from a different perspective, if EA is really that good, fund companies do not need manual traders, are using countless robots to make money automatically 10, if the above advice you can not listen to, I can only tell you, good luck!
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