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Foreign exchange basics

forexrebateindonesia Forex rebate king by definition Forexrebateking the country country and the country direct cashback forex tools in a broad sense, including foreign currencies, foreign cashbackinforex securities and foreign currency payment documents, etc. narrow definition refers to the international commonly used international transactions between the currencies, more commonly used such as the U.S. dollar, the euro, the British pound and the Chinese yuan, etc.  simple way to understand the foreign exchange market, that is to imagine that when you travel abroad you need to exchange currencies, you You will sell one currency at the prevailing exchange rate and buy another at the same time This is because the currency you hold is not equal to the currency you want to buy, so you need to exchange currencies, this is foreign exchange trading Due to the trade between different countries, currencies constantly need to be exchanged, which makes the foreign exchange market the largest and most liquid financial market in the world In this context, the The London Stock Exchange has a daily trading volume of $7 billion, while the foreign exchange market has a daily trading volume of up to $4 trillion Unlike other financial markets, such as securities or commodities, the foreign exchange market does not have a central exchange, the huge market does not easily produce changes because of a person or a company, while the market trends are also more difficult to be influenced The foregoing mentioned foreign exchange transactions It is to buy a currency while selling another foreign exchange electronic trading is in the electronic platform for trading, on the one hand, you can save time to exchange currency, on the other hand, you can also save unnecessary labor costs, such as McKenzie Division to provide the MT4 trading platform is to provide this kind of foreign exchange trading electronic platform All the currencies will be traded in pairs. For example, the first currency in the GBP/USD (British pound against the U.S. dollar) currency pair is called the base currency, the second currency is called the denominated currency, but also often referred to as the buying currency and selling currency price of 1.5531 GBP/USD means 1 pound to buy 1.5531 U.S. dollars Commonly traded currencies include: 
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