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Find their own sense of manipulation in order to set the clouds to see the sun

A, adhere to their own operat cashbackinforexg ideas There are some people in the market look at the market trends, no serious thinking, no own views; see how others do, since they Forexrebateking followed to often he bought I also bought, he sold I also sold or over-reliance on those so-called professional analysts analys Forex rebate king comments, people cloud, completely lost their own ideas belong to others Useful things we can of course learn from, but what is useful forexrebateindonesia what is useless or have to rely on their own judgment Finally, the end must have an operation of their own ideas, in order to see the success of the item Second, pay attention to the exercise of the actual battle Just like fighting a war can cashback forex just paper, trading must be proven in practice, exercise learned more and more good, such as the coach on the shore to teach well, your theoretical knowledge to learn more comprehensive, always have to jump into the water. Always have to jump into the water to swim two in order to have the actual harvest, do not swim words you will never, this is undoubtedly so, even if it is simulated or, we have to often practice exercise, the things learned one by one to prove, slowly looking for their own methods of operation, to develop their own sense of operation!  Third, to maintain a strong energy A person who wants to achieve success, he must have the energy to achieve success, maintain their own mental state in the ready to do everything, of course, so to say unrealistic point, is a person will have seven emotions, mood swings I do not mean to teach you to become a robot look, which can not do nor necessary, after all, the main body of this market is people, is people-centered The game, the final decision is always people to develop good habits, try to keep themselves in a healthy mental state; when you find yourself emotionally or mentally poor absolutely do not operate! In addition, the meaning of this energy also means that we have to have a kind of knowledge, our money, our guts to apply together the energy we have to have this energy to these three to operate well, we can profit energy is very important, no energy, nothing can be done Fourth, pay attention to the grasp of the time structure Now more popular in several trading platforms on the trend of the immediate response to the market have different time Different time structures, including the K-line combinations, patterns, technical indicators formed in the structure, the factors affected and the parameters used are not the same, there is a difference in the length of time, there are different priorities, such as, the same head and shoulders pattern appears in the weekly chart and the daily chart represents the meaning of the time perspective and the importance of the understanding derived from a completely different attention to the time The structure of the grasp is very important, can not be like a part of friends, in the weekly chart to find a good price to build a position, but in the 10-minute chart, or even the 5-minute chart has been closed out, originally a medium and long term price, but very early out in the 1-hour chart or 2-hour chart to find a price to enter, but according to the trend of the weekly chart to continue to let it stay short as a long term to do, and The long term as a short term to do, even the most basic principles are reversed, which is certainly wrong Five, consider the trend and time, looking for a good entry point We should look for what kind of price point to enter the market? The so-called entry point is this, we remember the six words, the six words are very simple: into the attack, retreat can be defended! That is to say, when I go to attack people, the family will not leave an empty city, there must also be a place to stay, leaving a way back for themselves to go History is as brave as Han Xin, backwater combat, do not leave themselves any retreat This only success not allowed to fail the bravado is indeed touching, but not sensible, especially in this unpredictable, there may be accidents at any time in the gold market, however, what kind of point can be called What kind of point can be called offensive and defensible? Specifically, such points should belong to the demarcation point, turning point and other important points repudiation, such as, I entered at a certain level to do more, if the trend is not unexpectedly really up, I have further bullish or increase the size of the space; once the trend downward, broken my stop loss, I have the reverse to do short from the K-line combination, morphology and technical indicators and other aspects of the support, not even if the stop loss is broken still can not determine the current direction The above analysis may be too partial to the flexibility of the point, and ignore the point in the relative high or low consideration; but in fact, the actual operation we must face an objective fact is: we often have no way to judge what is high, what is low, in the face of strong volatility, the so-called high and low levels are often too much to consider too much may be locked for their own thinking, rather than let go of the point good! We just need to remember one thing, the consideration of a good entry point is like the choice of a base for war, to attack and defend both, and not just a random price a happy to immediately place a single, a set, then regret is useless, pick up the monitor from the eighth floor to throw down is useless, the market as usual go
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