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Experience sharing forex trading capital management and position changes

many friends do Forexrebateking underst forexrebateindonesia their positions, their stop cashbackinforex between what Forex rebate king the relationship and how to change their positions so that blind input, blind orders (position size) resulting in the right direction when their positions are small, but did not earn much money, and the wrong direction when their positions are large, and lost a lot of money. This leads to 10 times the money earned is not as much as a loss then the above problem involves a capital management and position change the problem of reasonable and scientific change of their positions, is the minimum risk or risk of a certain situation to obtain the maximum return and minimize the loss of a means to avoid because of poor entry position and the market easily swept away, even if your direction is correct This is also possible then how to manage their own funds to achieve the best state? Here to talk about their own management methods and experience First, we have to set a reasonable range of affordable losses This range must be fixed, but also must be variable You may ask, is not this a contradiction! Both fixed and variable Oh, not contradictory let me explain in detail the so-called loss of fixed refers to your loss to your total position ratio usually, the range of losses allowed should not be greater than 2% - 3% of the position, if your account amount of 50, cashback forex, then you place a single order, the maximum loss should not exceed 1000 or 1500 U.S. dollars of course, your old man if you are a diamond king. Then you can set it to 50% or even 100% of the position does not matter once the maximum value of the single loss is determined, it does not allow changes, so that is fixed, that is to say, the loss ratio is fixed If you require absolute stability of the exchange of friends, you can even set it to 1% or 0.5% which is based on their ability to bear and the different markets traded to determine So why is it changing again? Because the loss amount is variable, for example, your account is 50,000, when a transaction is over, you earn 10,000, now the total account is 60,000, according to the loss ratio is fixed, such as 2% then your next transaction is the maximum loss of $ 1200, and if you lose 10,000, then the account is now 40,000, it becomes 40,000 2% is $ 800 more than the loss ratio is fixed, so you will ensure that in the event of a mistake or a loss, the loss ratio is fixed. This will ensure that you can live in the market when you make mistakes or continuous mistakes until the right amount of losses floating allows you to become more cautious in continuous losses more effective protection account does not shrink too much example: when you lose 10,000, 50,000 dollars becomes 40,000 dollars, then the next loss is 800, if a loss occurs, your account is 39,200 dollars, and once you do not Once you do not change the amount of loss, or to 1000 U.S. dollars, then the account will become 3900 U.S. dollars your losses will gradually become larger above the loss ratio fixed, must be firmly implemented, and as a principle never change Forex Academy tips: the rest of the article needs to open a member to continue reading Oh! Login now
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