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AndreiMoraru cashback cashback forexforex a programmer from Ukraine who has been in the Forex market for a short time, but already has his own unique Forexrebateking strategy He believes that it is not difficult to succeed in smart trading forexrebateindonesia that tournaments give the opportunity to test different money management First of all, please tell us about your trading experience Forex rebate king entered the Forex market in July 2005 I started with a small investment in a real account and then practiced on a virtual account. In the last few months of trading on a real account, I have made small deposits applying my trading strategy and I continue to test my trading strategy on the demo account. For Forex my short term trading basis is based on general technical analysis I use automatic intelligent trading, set indicators – usually apply candlestick chart analysis or set a few moving averages For long term trading in Forex and CFD markets I mainly apply basic analysis although applying technical analysis can find many entry and exit points, but without indicators – clear charts will be in Do you create your own smart trades with different time patterns of analysis? Basically half of the smart trades I create myself and the other half come from the internet but like a rule some EAs have to be strictly modified before they can be used so it is not possible to say that my smart trades are entirely created by me Your trading strategy is very interesting. This blog is a supplement to the home page and was originally created to supplement the information on the notifications site but after the blog was created, visitors were interested in new market information, technical and fundamental analysis, etc. So thats why the blog now exists independently and their crossover point is only the books and brokers published on the blog notifications site, etc. They have only one owner and that is I now have many authors who publish many articles on my website and blog, so I am already thinking of adding a partner if possible. What analytical tools are applied? My weekly technical analysis is based on different pivotpoints, calculated by applying different methods, in this case for the last week the calculation of the source code number becomes a technical indicator. Do you consider the efficiency and stability of these tools? Yes, for financial trading we can use the word stability, I would consider the efficiency of these instruments I think they are all very successful. Why is there only a little information about other currencies? Indeed, in the technical part my attention is focused on EUR/USD and is based on the US dollar for two main reasons Firstly, I think that for a trader it is important to focus on a safe trade. The forex market is closely related to the market, so with EUR/USD analysis we can predict the behavior of other pairs, such as GBP/USD or USD/CHF. I agree with the view that as far as I know there are already 20% of traders who are involved in the creation of automated trading programs and I think the value goes much further than that, the more complex the trading program is, the more successful the program can be without human thought and emotion, and the more successful the program can be. Do you already know about the 2007 Automated Trading Championship? I had heard about it at the end of 2006 I was impressed with the winning smart trades but I was not very interested in the results of the tournament My opinion is that competitions sometimes need luck too Traders want to be lucky enough to win by taking big risks It can be mentioned that applying such software in real life is absolutely not possible For me the bigger reason why the tournament attracts me is the different money management trading systems So, it is very We are glad to see you participating in the 2007 Automated Trading Championship. Not yet, but there are already several candidates for the smart trade, the most difficult one is the best one and also the one with the highest risk. The money management I currently apply sets certain rules (not participating in tournament EAs) First, I dont apply a position (or multiple positions) with a general commitment of more than 5% Second, I use a lot of geometric shapes to fix the level of capital size. This way I keep my overall investment losses within 5%, which is only 1-2% of the total. Yes, for tournaments I would find a more suitable money management system looking for one that can make a lot of profit in short term trading, I need an aggressive money management system to keep the share and investment under 10% unfortunately some systems can go bankrupt, but applying general money management, EAs are not able to get short term profit results What do you think the success of EAs depends on? Achieving success is simple – a sound money management strategy successfully predicts entry and exit points if the first is the result of trader experience and calculations, and the second is the result of intelligent trading tested in demo accounts over time. I think it is also futile
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