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Eighty years old foreign exchange to share a lifetime of experience!

cashback forex started stock trading in 1992, 1996 involved in foreign exchange, counting in the financial market has been mixed with more than twenty years almost eighty years old, Forexrebateking/">Forex rebate king already the wind cashbackinforex candles, Om a breath a hundred diseases, especially cervical spondylosis, so that look up at the plate are suffering a lot, plus half of the body soreness and pain finger numbness, really worse than death, if there is a drug to eat will forexrebateindonesia be pain, even if the life expectancy is shorter and shorter I am also unwilling to Lie quietly thinking for a long time, in the financial market over the past twenty years there is nothing to summarize? That even a little legacy to later people is also good ah money well, is to earn some, but not much, more hateful are sold fake drugs, three mountains of mountain demons, the devil cheated the remaining only enough to make ends meet and carry on skills such as well not to talk about, only this trick is more spiritual, but not 100 percent: experience! href=" "title="andram_by_sarkaskorpikova-dau663d(1).jpg "alt=" andram_by_sarkaskorpikova-dau663d(1).jpg" rel="box" class="fancybox"/>set the K-line chart of Europe/Japan and Europe/USA and USA/Japan on the screen with the same period, the length of the period depends on each persons habits and how much money they have decided to set on the customary averages or indicators ( If you are a master, of course, you can use the bare K or even bare K, like wearing the emperors new clothes) general Europe / America, the United States / Japan, the two currency pairs are running in the opposite direction, but sometimes also running in the same direction 1, when the European / U.S. average upward analysis of light position to do more, while the United States / Japan is short to the next analysis when closing positions if Europe / America, the United States / Japans average began to the same direction, it is flat to the counter-trend single, leaving the trend single, while Check the European / Japanese average of the same period, if the angle of convergence is large and powerful, heavy or full position intervention, visible immediately make money and then wait until the European / U.S., U.S. / Japanese average convergence is not the same when you should consider closing the position out of the European / U.S., U.S. / Japanese while reversing regardless of loss or money are immediately liquidated out of the next opportunity Oh, I never pre-set stop loss ah 2, capital management, always put only 1/10 of the For example: prepare 10,000 to do speculation, put 10,000 in the bank card, only a thousand transferred to the operating account, according to the above method, wait until there is an opportunity to take a heavy position (or full position) if it is 1: 100 leverage, a thousand gold account I will trade a standard lot of a few points of revenue is enough to cover your expenses if the luck of a hundred or a few hundred points turn a back to the hand (those light positions, let the profit run) If the deal is not immediately after the money, but the European / U.S., U.S. / Japanese have a mean trend to slow down or reverse the position to close out Do not try to get lucky if you make a thirty, fifty points or three, five points I will always be ready to close the position for peace of mind I will not do the silly thing of letting profits run, keeping in mind the word "heavy position" Can not take too long to wait until the operating account has two thousand immediately after the transfer of one thousand dollars to the bank card, your bank card has two thousand, the operating account can be put two thousand remember that the operating account is always only 1/10 of the callable funds your mind will naturally be good even if the continuous blowout you will not back out of cold sweat amazing on the re-entry well, multiple procedures and carry on I told my friends and relatives about this method, they feel and not immediate results, and did not earn a full box full of bowl, and often burst Yes, because your accumulation is still less, slowly practice it, experience can not be taught, as long as the grind you will obtain the true scriptures I will also burst from time to time ah, but my bank card funds are constantly increasing my fear for why it burst it
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