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Decryption many times reigning champion of the foreign exchange competition how to speculate in foreign exchange

many times reign forexrebateindonesiag champion of the cashback forex Forexrebateking competition, Forex rebate king now a companys senior foreign exchange analyst Zhang Ge, founder of the principle of leverage overlay foreign exchange practice has been 15 years, developed a keen market insight, through the technical analysis of the chart K line chart cashbackinforex leverage principle soft together, forming a set of self-contained system and the leading technical analysis of foreign exchange in China Q: In entering the foreign exchange industry Before entering the foreign exchange industry, how did you see foreign exchange trading?  A: Before entering the industry, just think that the foreign exchange industry is a place where you can get rich overnight, indeed, but after years of baptism only to understand that this industry is a battle of wits, battle of courage industry, every day there are people get rich, every day there are people fall Q: Then you think the foreign exchange market and stocks, futures market, compared to what is different?  A: Lets say, very simple, stocks, futures market is like a jewelry store selling brass rings, and the foreign exchange market is like a diamond ring, the price is very high Q: What prompted you to get involved in, and eventually stay in the foreign exchange market?  A: I studied in school is a mechanical major, but also stock investment, also known as the stock market, in 1994, after a foreign exchange brokers introduction, I began to get involved in the foreign exchange market, since then, never left the foreign exchange industry, a do is 15 years the reason why I can do in this market, there is an important reason is that in the ups and downs of the market, I always want to put Q: In a well-known domestic financial website analyst PK competition, you have repeatedly won the championship do you have any valuable experience to share with other forex traders?  A: Here, I just want to say there are 2 points, very important 2 points, first, to do beyond the self beyond the self is to be in the realm of no self, completely immersed in the body and mind in forex trading technology research, only in this way, you can find the true meaning of the second, adhere to a lot of forex analysts is due to suffer some small setbacks, choose to give up, there is no little perseverance as long as these two points you can Do, whether it is foreign exchange trading, or other industry investment, you can do the best foreign exchange competition is their own and their own race, only in this way, in order to leave others behind In the role of foreign exchange analyst, the company provided me with a platform, a guarantee, so that I can quietly conduct their own technical analysis and research, and in the companys support to participate in the foreign exchange analyst competition, in the course of a year, I in In the course of a year, I was almost always the champion in each month, in addition to their own perseverance, and the companys help is also separate Q: In the forum to see the evaluation of foreign exchange analysts will only do foreign exchange commentary, can not do the real deal how do you think?  A: Haha, this statement is also a certain amount of truth, take Liu Xiang and his coach analogy, his coach is the coach, if placed in the position of Liu Xiang, he may not be able to run Liu Xiang world champion, but he is very suitable for coaching, because he has trained an excellent athlete; and Liu Xiang is Liu Xiang, although he ran very fast, but if placed in the position of coach, he may not be able to competent and Foreign exchange industry a correspondence, foreign exchange analysts are like coaches, foreign exchange traders are like athletes everyone has everyones advantages and strengths, the key to find their own position Q: Suppose you are allowed to participate in a forex trading competition, how will you do it?  A: If I were to participate in a forex trading competition, first of all, I would choose the right trading currency pair according to the market situation, for example, the appreciation of the yen a few days ago, I would then consider the yen against the dollar currency pair; secondly, I have to use some technical means, while the stop loss and profit is set, here will involve personal forex analysis ability, such as the use of K-line analysis principle; then is to put all these Forget, the end of the market to decide to wait until the next day in the restart Q: What is the difference between simulated foreign exchange trading and real foreign exchange trading?  A: Their purposes are different, the purpose of the simulation of foreign exchange trading is to win, the purpose of the real foreign exchange trading is very direct in order to make money, which precisely caused the psychological difference between people in the transaction But, in the real foreign exchange trading, participate in the simulation competition, you can familiarize yourself with the foreign exchange trading environment, exercise the skills of trading, for their real account trading to lay a good foundation Q: What is your trading philosophy?  A: My trading philosophy is to have a profit and loss as much as possible to achieve a loss of less than 1% each time, the risk ratio is more than 2. To trade according to their own suitable trading method I generally mainly short term, the frequency of trading about 100 times a day, more often than 200 times Q: Where do you get your judgment?  A: Mainly technical analysis, and some other things such as magic, illusions, and even incantations Q: rely on technical analysis, it is necessary to use some technical indicators and images, which one do you use more?  A: I used to use both, but now I dont need to, because time is beyond space, just look at the time and you dont have to rely too much on charts. Are you always looking for new technical patterns?  A: A lot of previous research and use, almost all that can be found will look, the number of more than 960 kinds of now still pay attention to and learn new techniques every day, because the charm of the market and the constant eternal thing is two words ---- change Q: Your stop loss is mainly based on technical analysis, rather than money management, right?  A: Both will take into account the risk exposure of each transaction to less than 5% of the total capital, that is, the stop-loss loss of 5% to the head, such as a full position of two transactions (to highlight the contrast), the first transaction loss of 50%, then the next transaction to make a profit of 100% to return to capital, while the first if a loss of 5%, then the next only need to make a profit of 5.26% to return to capital Q: How many positions do you use for each transaction? How do you manage your open trades?  A: The typical ratio is 1% or 2%. I always set my stop loss and profit at the same time as I enter the trade and then forget about it.  A: In general are fixed stop loss and profit stop loss is the only way to survive in the field of trading, if the trade will not set a stop loss, then do not trade the real position and stop loss settings try to use technical stops Q: What do you think is the biggest frustration in trading?  A: In the middle of trading, sudden power outage or internet disconnection, resulting in trading failure Q: What is your biggest feeling in your life for so many years?  A: Some enthusiastic netizens once wanted me to talk about my journey and experience in the process of learning, research and growth over the years, in order to get some help and enlightenment, I think this is the trust and encouragement of friends to me In fact, if measured from the often said price, I am still far from a successful person; but if you look at it from the perspective of the heart follows what it wants, the line follows what it wants, it is a person who wants to achieve things, a Q: How long do you work every day? How do you spend your free time?  A: In the past, basically, except for sleep, are trading now that I am older, I understand the importance of health, so I try to spare more time to exercise every day, and insist on walking to work every day, and occasionally go hiking with my family on weekends.
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