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Classic good article forex trading 21 kinds of closing strategy [next]

11, Bollinger b forexrebateindonesias very popular Bollinger bands have a variety of uses, including the use of it to close a position to do more single (Long) can wait for the K Forex rebate king to contact the upper band and in the upper band under the closing of the trailing stop loss hanging in the K line of the lowest cashbackinforex, if not triggered (the chart has been triggered) and then hang the next K line of the lowest price, until the trigger to close the empty single ( Short) Forexrebateking also the same method of operation, only the opposite direction of the chart in the first short single after opening the position and so K-line contact to the lower band and in the lower band when the closing of the trailing stop loss hanging in the highest price of the K-line, the trigger to close the second short single the same method of operation, only after multiple moving stops before triggering, so the profit is considerable this closing method is more ideal, the use of Bollinger bands can maximize the profit on the chart of the short single The final profit of 187 points 12, Kentner belt Kentner belt and Bollinger band is somewhat similar, but the calculation method is completely different with the method of closing positions with Kentner belt is also equal to the price contact to the upper and lower bands, but there is a big difference between the price contact to Kentner upper and lower bands is not high, but once the contact means that the reversal is about to happen, so you should immediately move the stop loss or close the position when the actual closing operation method and Bollinger band exactly The same, depending on the long and short direction, when the K-line touches the upper or lower band move the stop loss to the lowest or highest price until the stop loss closes the position The Kentner band closing method can be combined with other closing strategies to achieve maximum profitability 13, high/low band The high/low band is the upper and lower two bands drawn with the highest and lowest price of the previous candle, or you can use the first two candles, the first three candles or any number of previous candles to draw the high/low band The high/low band in the chart is drawn with the The first two candles drawn, the chart has also opened a long position, and then has been using the lower band trailing stop, the final profit of more than 900 points high / low band is a very good way to close the position, its profitability is very powerful 14, cashback forex line with the trend line to close the position has the possibility of fast entry and exit, but also the possibility of capturing the entire trend chart of this transaction on the capture of the entire trend, if you use the second trend line to close the position, the profit has been more than 500 points If you use the first, the transaction is still continuing in the trend line to close positions sometimes encounter false breakthrough (FalseBreak), so it is best to close positions at least two K-line closing price breakthrough trend line 15, three trend lines in the trend line to close positions may go through three stages, the three stages are represented by three different trend lines in the first stage is the main trend line ( MainTrendLine) when the price leaves the main trend line can draw a second sub-trend line (SubTrendLine), and finally in the price away from the main trend line when drawing the third exhausted trend line (ExhaustedTrendLine) with three trend lines often have the opportunity to close positions near the top and bottom of the price level, but at this time do not have to wait for more than two K-line closing price breakthrough exhausted trend line, one is enough to prevent Line, one is enough, in case the price suddenly reverses significantly 16, high / low average line with high / low average line to close positions to use two moving averages general average line with the closing price, but this time, respectively, the highest price and the lowest price of the two averages to form a close to the price behavior of the channel Figure is 10 hours of the high price (blue) and low price (red) moving averages form the channel in short can be used when the blue average line Moving stops can be used when long moving stops can be used to close positions when breaking the average in the drawing of averages can be simple, smoothing, exponential, weighted, and any other method number of periods can be tested from two until you find a suitable parameter forex academy tips: the rest of the article requires login to continue reading Oh! Log in now
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