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Candlestick chart the crystallization of Eastern wisdom

K-l Forexrebatekinge was first invented cashbackinforex used by the Japanese, it forexrebateindonesia based on the absorption of the ancient Chinese doctrine of yin and yang, after nearly a hundred years of use and transformation of investors, the meaning of its expression, quite delicate and sensitive, fully demonstrating the characteristics of Eastern wisdom Generally speaking, the fluctuations in exchange rates are mostly political, economic and psychological factors under control, so the exchange rate Change is never without reason on the foreign exchange market as a whole, buyers and sellers will always stand on opposite sides, one side of the profit is the other side of the loss speculators in order to ensure personal interests, the need to predict the buyer and seller in the next day, in the next week or in the next month which dominates, in order to decide to stand in the buyers front or join the ranks of the seller, the K cashback forex is the actual results of the battle between buyers and sellers with a graphical representation of the buyer and seller power The purpose of drawing K-line diagrams, not only to be able to find some representative patterns from the chart to, more importantly, to understand the intrinsic meaning of each line represents, for example, the same negative line, in the high-grade and low-grade represented by the meaning of a great difference, must be carefully studied to achieve better results  K-line basic drawing method is:  nbsp; (1) the delineation includes the opening Forex rebate king, closing price, the highest price and the lowest price, etc.  (2) the opening price and closing price with a thick line, called the entity  (3) if the closing price is lower than the opening price, the negative line on behalf of  (4) if the closing price is higher than the opening price, the positive line is used to represent  (5) if the exchange price of a day has a higher price than the entity higher than the entitys high price, with a thin line drawn, this part is called the upper shadow; lower than the entitys low price, also with a thin line drawn, called the lower shadow
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