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By the trend line to determine the time to buy (II)

  3, long-term downward trend Forex rebate k forexrebateindonesiag breakthrough Forexrebateking the best time to buy in the medium cashbackinforex long term   The operation of the stock cashback forex has its own internal laws, both the magnificent bull market, there are also silent Mo hard to bear the long bear market when a bull market is over, it will enter the fall time is very long or fall very deep bear market, and the higher the bull market, the greater the bear market decline, the longer in the long-term decline in the bear market process, will also produce several medium-term rally or rise in the market into some obvious highs, if the two important medium-term highs in a straight line, we will see each medium-term rally or rise by the long-term downtrend line of counter pressure, but once the stock price volume breakthrough long-term Downward trend line means the end of a long-term downtrend or bear market and the beginning of a round of big market, and become the best time to buy in the medium and long term  Analysis and operation essentials   (1) long-term trend across the time at least half a year, more up to several years and, the longer the time the trend line is broken after its significance, the greater the space for its rise or fall also the greater   (2) long-term downtrend line upward breakthrough should be volume expansion with and preferably accompanied by a long positive line, otherwise the reliability is reduced or limited space to rise in the market   (3) under the long-term downtrend line, there are often several intermediate rebound or rise, due to the reasons for these intermediate market highs, often change the long-term downtrend line The slope of the original long-term downtrend line also needs to be re-corrected, however, the original downtrend line breakthrough will be from the previous resistance line into the training to stock prices down support line encounter this situation, should still stop loss out of the field, patience and other treatment opportunities, because the bear market is long   (4) in order to facilitate the analysis of long-term trends, it is best to use the weekly K-line chart   nbsp; 4, the third down sector line up breakthrough is the best time to buy in the medium and long term   In the previous few timing, we have noted that the downward trend line often appears after the false breakthrough of the stock price has not risen much and returned to the road of decline, often faced with having to stop loss out of the situation which is mainly because the downward trend has not yet ended, and The original downward trend line also needs to be re-corrected or even corrected several times in the face of this problem, you can use the fan line is very good to give a solution  The so-called fan line, is the use of an important high point or low point as the original point, the point and after each of its obvious high point or low point line with each other, the composition of a fan-like shape and named from this can be seen, the fan line is divided into a downward fan line and rising fan line two, here we mainly discuss the decline fan line  After the end of a larger round of rising market, will enter a longer-term decline, and in the process of falling, will certainly produce several intermediate rebound usually, we will rise in front of the highest point of the market and the first intermediate rebound of the high point even into a straight line, it is both a downward trend line is also the first fan line Subsequently, the stock price again a new low and fell sharply and triggered a second intermediate rebound and upward breakthrough of the downtrend line, we often make the mistake of thinking that the downtrend is over, in fact, not, the stock price breakthrough of the downtrend line did not rise much and fell and hit a new low at this time, we should be the highest point and the second intermediate rebound of the high point and then connected into a line, which is both a correction of the downtrend line and The second decline in the sector line after the stock price fell again to produce a rebound, and broke the third correction of the downtrend line, but the stock price rise is not much continue to fall, the highest point and the third intermediate bounce of the high point into a line, which became the third correction of the downtrend line is also the third decline in the sector line as the saying goes, when the third decline in the sector line is broken, it means that the long-term downtrend End, the stock price will enter the long-term up phase  Analysis and operation essentials  (1) the falling sector line belongs to the long-term pressure line, generally appear in the big bear market, and the third falling sector line breakthrough is usually the end of the bear market, the beginning of a strong signal, so it is the best time to buy in the medium and long term    nbsp; (2) the first, the second down sector line was broken, in the process of falling stock prices later they will be turned from resistance lines into support lines that play a certain role in supporting the decline in stock prices     (3) the third down sector line upward breakthrough volume should be significantly higher than the first two breakthroughs, the first two breakthroughs after the reason for the rise is not deep enough, in addition to falling In addition, it is important that there is not enough volume support if the third down sector line breakthrough upward volume with the unsatisfactory, the market will be limited or even into the horizontal or even down a small section before the start of the rising market
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