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Bollinger Bandwidth

   Forex rebate k forexrebateindonesiag Bandwidth cashbackinforex an indicator evolved from the Bollinger cashback forex in the discussion of the Bollinger Bands we mentioned that the distance between the upper and lower two lines of the Bollinger Bands reflects the average degree of recent stock price shocks, the wider the Bollinger Bands distance, the more violent the shocks, the narrower the distance, the smaller the shocks and the size of the average shocks suggest the nature of the next stock price trend if, the shocks are larger, there are more If the amplitude of the oscillation is large, there are more short-term profit opportunities, participants will naturally appear in many short authors, in and out of frequent, resulting in stock price shocks, the formation of consolidation trend, on the contrary, if the amplitude is very small, the short term has no profit opportunities, if someone wants to continue to play on this stock, will certainly break through the consolidation with the naked eye to determine the width of the Bollinger Bands between the two lines is not very accurate, so the Bollinger Bandwidth indicator BBand Bollinger Bandwidth is the distance from the Bollinger Bands to the upper or lower rail as an indicator drawn as a line, which is easier to use The Bollinger Bandwidth indicator in the Compass software is optimized Other software often uses the absolute width of the Bollinger Bandwidth, while the Compass software gives the percentage of amplitude, such as the Bband indicator for 20, which means that the average amplitude of the stock recently 20% at the same time in the Bband indicator chart line also added two coordinate lines, one in the position of 5, the indicator reached this line under the recent amplitude has been too small, this situation is generally not more than three or five days will break through, of course, is the upward or downward breakthrough also need to use other indicators to determine the position of 30 and a coordinate line, generally only in the continued rise to break through this line, the accumulation of short-term energy has been high, often quickly triggered Pullback, the formation of shock finishing situation 
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