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And foreign exchange master exchange process to understand the trading pattern

every single done, I will call cashbackinforex friend, Forexrebateking he said my entry time, position, entry price, and close the price of the position, generally he will ask me the following questions 1. the most time to lose how much, stop loss point in how much, not more than 50 forexrebateindonesia will get h Forex rebate king affirmation, less than 30 points will get his good praise 2. More than 50 points, half a day of hard work under a single, even 50 points did not earn too worth it, earn 100 points, which is more or less, earn more than 200 points, not bad, when you can earn 500 on the good 3. If it is a short single, close the position when the price is up, if the price is down, even if I flat in the lowest point, he will say down that, how do you know that is the lowest point, if I If I say to the low point up rebounded 50 points and very strong, that flat it, flat during the rise is not a mistake 4. This month, a total of how many times the single, if more than 10 times, you are not after all to work for others, the foreign exchange company cola, and again, where so many opportunities to you ah, about 10 times about the same, if a month can cashback forex only 5 times the single, the total number of points to 500 points will be good (2). After the position, a single earning 100 points can be considered to chase a position he is a medium-term operation, the short term operation does not apply to my current mode of operation: my thinking is 70 points of stop loss, touch the stop loss to close the position, do not touch the stop loss firmly hold, every 500 U.S. dollars under a single hand, that is, 10% of the position, the law of this market is 1/2 the time the price will be sideways oscillation, 1/4 the opportunity to rise This market rule is that 1/2 time the price will be sideways volatility, 1/4 up opportunity, 1/4 down opportunity to see the wrong direction I will resolutely stop loss, see the right one I will insist on holding, now the psychological state is not yet to the best, the most once to get 300 points out, see the right one can now catch an average of about 100-200 points my operation success (more than 50 points profit) of the single only about 20%, most of them to be stopped out (stop loss single 2 / 3 is profit less than 50 points), my idea is that I look in the right direction, not to be stopped out only 1/4, a must earn a full out, as long as the catch 500 points, the capital can do a doubling of the odds of bursting is:   (500-120)/70 = 5.4, that is, below $ 500 there are 5 times in a row to be stopped out and lost to 70 points, it is in the burst edge, the odds are 1/2*1/2*1/2*1/2*1/2*1/2=1/32, 32 consecutive operations there is a possibility of a blowout, 32 consecutive operations I can catch 200 points may be 32/4=8 times, 200 * 8 = $1600, that is, strictly in accordance with my ideas to do, $500, 32 hands among the operations, I can earn up to 1600 USD, the loss may be 70*32*1/4=560 USD, the net income should be 1600-560=1040 USD I do not believe in trend analysis, and never to do trend analysis, just mechanical operation, last months operation 16 times, this month is now operating 10 times, theoretically my profit is 1040*26/32=845, the actual profit is 1041- 414 = 627, the problem is that my redundant action is too much, the number of orders is still too frequent, should be reduced by half of the redundant operation, in addition to strengthen the operation is to strive to hold a single position profit to about 400 points, so that the chances of making money will be greatly increased, the choice of entry point should also be very important, but not my key consideration, now the amount of funds is too small, there is no way to complete The operation of the homeopathic position, according to the pyramid homeopathic position is the perfect form of medium and long term operation, still learning my operation is not and the laws of the market (only 1/4 chance will see the right direction) to do right, but to use the 1/4 chance to reasonably control my risk and return ratio to achieve the purpose of profitability, believe in trend analysis of people, think they must do more than 75% of the profit Chance of people, is in and 1/4 of this objective market laws in the struggle, the difficulty can be imagined, can do profitability must be very few people, and think the foreign exchange market is too difficult to manage, I will not go and objective laws to fight, but to seriously observe it, analyze it, use it, so I see someone doing trend analysis, and so many people in the enthusiasm for trend analysis, feel sorry, here the I think thats why people who do trend analysis very well cant make money in the forex market, because they are fighting against the 1/4 chance of winning, I will start by withdrawing 10% of my capital when my capital reaches $10,000, take out my principal, and every 10 times, withdraw 10% of my capital out, the rest of the money is just numbers in my eyes, and I will Using my model, continue to play the numbers game with the big trend, against the small trend, catch the top and bottom
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