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After 30 years in foreign exchange trading she admits to relying on only two major treasures to win

Today to tell you the story of a successful female foreign exchange trader She Forex rebate k Forexrebatekingg JodySamuels, who joined the forexrebateindonesia industry in 1979 She was an institutional trader at JP Morgan (JPMorgan), then chose to become a retail trader, cashbackinforex opened a training career a woman in the foreign exchange industry A woman in the foreign exchange industry for 30 years, and created a successful career, which is enough to make the foreign exchange business Jun (FOREXPRESS) for her thumbs up her story, experience and knowledge, insights on trading, I believe it will bring readers a lot of thinking Little intern JodySamuels college years is in Pennsylvanias Wharton School of Business ( WhartonSchool), she joined an international student business organization called AIESEC membership of this organization gave her the opportunity to intern at the Norwegian Central Bank (NorwegianBank), which opened the door to the world of foreign exchange trading initially Samuels in the arbitrage department as a telegraph operator, mainly for the interbank market Norwegian krone She soon became enamored with the job, extended her internship and submitted her resume to JPMorgan Chase after three and a half months becoming a queen In 1979, Jody Samuels joined JPMorgan Chase and became the only female trader in the interbank market focusing on the GBP/USD currency pair, which is why she became known as the Queen of Sterling. Some people wondered what it was like for a woman to enter the male world, and she said she didnt feel a big problem at the time, but now that she thinks about it, the experience does seem like it should make people feel timid; Samuels also does not think and other female colleagues in the office have the need to compete she once said in an interview: the biggest competitor is themselves because I always have to compare how many profitable days each month I set goals, trying to reach them, perhaps this is the way to constantly promote their own growth she even determined to reach a month every day can be profitable shift to retail trading  nbsp;From institutional cashback forex to retail traders, the biggest challenge comes from building up confidence in JP Morgan, other institutional traders and strategists will give her a lot of support, but retail traders will mean fighting alone Samuels constantly adjusts trading systems and strategies to adapt to changes in trading patterns she still succeeded The advantages and disadvantages of independent trading  nbsp;Samuels believes that as a retail trader, she has not always had significant results Today, traders often trade without sufficient capital Although trading for less does attract many novice traders, it also drives traders to use higher leverage ratios, making the money lose more quickly On the other hand, independent trading would be more transparent and the data cheaper compared to the past The way trading is done, todays retail trading has completely changed Samuels places a lot of importance on getting good trading training guidance She believes that an experienced mentor coupled with good communication is one of the most needed factors in the learning to trade phase Samuels secret to success Samuels concludes from past experience: never neglect emotional management another An important factor for success is her favorite technical indicator Elliot Wave Theory balancing fear and greed JodySamuels one piece of advice for all traders is: dont worry because other traders are worryingSamuels says that at the beginning of trading, market volatility always brings its own emotions After the change she began to look for ways to mediate her emotions in trading: I try to control the extremes and then find the most balanced point among all the other different trading emotions When she finds a balance between fear and greed, her emotions also become stable Elliott Wave Theory is an essential piece of the puzzle Since learning about Elliott Wave Theory while working at JPMorgan Chase Since learning about Elliott Wave Theory while working at JP Morgan, JodySamuels has been fascinated by this indicator She taught herself this indicator and made it an important part of her analytical toolbox Samuels has continued to teach this analytical theory to other traders Today I still spread this theory to more people Many traders say that this theory is the missing piece of their trading puzzle Samuels According to Samuels, Elliott Wave Theory is very compatible and allows traders to see far ahead the gender of the trader is irrelevant male and female traders are often compared but JodySamuels never felt that being female had any impact on her career many argue that women are more cautious about risk, which in turn brings more However, Samuels also does not fully agree with her that gender does not matter, everyones personality is different, some women are conservative about risk, but there are still exceptions Samuels herself is a special case She believes that too much conservatism can be detrimental to profitable growth Similarly, the patience that people often praise is not only reflected in women, men also have these Benefits from their own experience, Samuels said he met many male traders are also very patient gender is never the key JodySamuels taught us:  Confidence is very important in the trading business only to build confidence, you can be firm enough to trade Find the one method that works best for you, keep drilling and practicing, until you master it Samuels must be able to find the best way to trade. Until you master itSamuels makes sure to use Elliott Wave Theory, which is the method she has always relied on Discover the balance of your gender and manage your trading emotions appropriately Your potential is not determined by genderIn fact, it is the goals and determination that are most important for a successful trader to focus more on the growth of their abilities
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