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A classic article on foreign exchange bare K trading shared to the exchange friends! [Slight depth]

A, trend judgment 1: the market, the trend Forex rebate k cashback forexg only up cashbackinforex down two, either one or the other, and the general so-called oscillation can be seen as a trend of the relay platform or reversal platform so that the market analysis, can be relatively more simple and clear 2: trend standards: the crest and troughs in turn up is the rising trend, the crest and troughs in turn pulled down is the downtrend & nbsp;3: trend needs to be fixed by the reference time period Two: trend reversal judgment:   1: criteria: violation of Dow Theory on the definition of trend 2: form: double top bottom or multiple top bottom pattern breakthrough Three: resistance support: 1: resistance support, do Forexrebateking use can also be, but if used is like a tiger with wings 2: method: before the high before the low, very occasionally with trend lines and Fibonacci as a common reference 3: use: up in the search for support, look at the pattern (small cycle) to determine the operation, look for resistance to close positions; down in the search for resistance, look at the pattern (small cycle) to determine the operation, look for support to close positions   four: time cycle conversion:   1: the purpose: with the large and small, or with the large and small, that is, to reduce costs to reduce risk and expand profits 2: the plate more Intuitive and clear bare forexrebateindonesia person, the chart only K line carry forward 1) poor people are poor only charts, so small capital profit means to analyze the chart, fundamental analysis that is the work of large institutions 2) news is always digested in the chart, large institutions to analyze the fundamentals and have the ability to draw short-term charts, since they put this job, I look at how he did and then follow the market on 3) price is the most real and intuitive graphical analysis of the object, all indicators and averages are a restatement of it, the study of the real than replicas more intuitive and effective and K-line contains the opening and closing price and the highest and lowest price of the four main price factors, the combination of K-line pattern is rich in content, so the K-line for the price of the expression is more reasonable and comprehensive 4) my bare K to determine the trend of the method, open any cycle K-line chart, and then take the straightedge compared to all the K lines on the chart, the ruler is flat is a consolidation city, up is the long, down is the short Summary, I use the bare K to determine the trend is simple and effective stand at the moment looking at the left K line who can not be sure how the right K line will go, different ways to go with different operations, this unfolded to speak from the trading system, because different market conditions to match different strategies, and all These strategies make up a personal trading system or trading rules bare k and not what advanced goods, calm down, will look at the trend of what is only the basic skills, want to stabilize the profit is still far from it Well, yes, this art of things you seem to be not interested in then I speak eight words: follow the trend, light positions, stop loss, expansion of profit You have any ideas about them, or what there is to say? Casually speaking, my chart even K lines are not, just self-made indicators and closing lines, of course, when trading just waiting for the chart to appear signals can be seen from the plan your trading, trading your plan, trading is simply to see the signal, the implementation of the plan on the line, what indicators, K lines, trends … … … … etc. are You can ignore it, right? Look at the signals to implement the plan I agree, replace the price to see the implementation of the trading plan may be a little straightforward in addition I think the closing line is also another form of price expression K line is a form of price expression, the closing line is a form of price expression, then the indicator is also a form of price expression ah, are the form of expression why the bare K is justified and indicators or other forms of expression is a replica of it indicators generally derived from the price and volume, but will have a weighted or average algorithm and then on the chart to show the graphical signal, I think this is a copy, or more frankly speaking is the second pollution that wait for the opening of the market and then based on the rightmost group of bare K you mark the maximum probability of how to go in the future! No problem, there is nothing, for example, the right K line center of gravity than the left high on the main do more, first under a small single try the market conditions, wrong cut right take, probably so with the market go ,,,, is not easy to be played? Is not the use of many indicators results do not work, and now it is bare K?  The original my software is also only the average, trading with also okay later I even average also do not use, the effect is also okay, and see less things, so I think this rule is more simple, so take out to say K line is the end of a certain period of time after the price performance, performance OHLC, is the end of the period to determine things, so look at K line and any indicators have the same lag, the conclusion: K line is the price lag in the form of performance, that is, the replica K line contains the opening and closing price and the highest and lowest price, indeed and the price and a certain lag, look at the K line is and not look at the closing line or opening line is my personal habit if you really want to use logical thinking to debate, or switch to the price time chart will be better than the bare K total emergence of the subject idea………& hellip;………… personal habits; trading development for so long and no unified profit (or manipulation) standards, is because the operation is a person not a machine, is a person will produce habits, biography, ideas, environment …… and so on, the conclusion: analysis, trading is a private behavior, the Concerning personal habitual issues, a position to do more or do short maybe all right or maybe all wrong, maybe a right one wrong, that is, trading without the concept of right or wrong ……………………Trading only look at the results ……And look at the results of the time interval decision ………………………&hellip hellip;…………here omit 10,000 words to put their own ideas into other peoples heads is the hardest thing in the world on this article my original intention is to look at the bare K is a more simple and intuitive way to determine the trend I will try to elaborate their understanding, but will not try to push you to reconstruct your trading ideas interested friends can try, not interested Its okay but dont bother to push me down, huh 1, K-line, K-line pattern is a true reflection of price and time, alone a K-line includes the price and time 96 15-minute K-line form represents a daily K-line, 120 1-hour K-line form represents a weekly K-line and so on the same daily K-line, different two in 15 minutes or 1 hour to form a different form, so Naked K trading is better called naked K pattern trading; 2. What are the indicators? In addition to Fibonacci (there are others) the vast majority of K-line opening and closing prices as parameters introduced into the formula calculated and reflected in the K-line main sub-chart a certain fact is that these indicators are K-line followers, such as the shadow of a bird, the plane flying over the traces left; 3, through the analysis of historical charts in the indicators can be found in the indicators and K-line (K-line pattern) between a This law allows traders to use the historical analysis to determine the general direction of the market, whether it is the bottom, top or on the way; 4, the indicators are useful? If the indicators as a historical analysis will be useful, as the current basis for manipulation is useless who said accurate or not is not very important, the key to say the reason or what signal to say where the advantages of more accurate bare K, or add a little bit of other indicators more advantageous to say how the future may be greater any chart can be said to rise or fall in the future, we better not be ambiguous ambiguous chaos, the important thing is Energy division I do not mean to say that all bare K analysis advantage is not as much as multi-indicators interested I can also post with bare K analysis is obviously stronger than plus other indicators and more advantageous imitation real-time chart depends on how they use bare K, the naked time to naked naked looks chaotic confusion will have to try to choose to add other indicators to assist to see if it works plus MACD is the same as wearing a pair of underwear, plus the average, Bollinger on Equivalent to suspenders or bra want to give birth to a son all these will be stripped bare, who has seen wearing clothes can give birth to a son? That different methods, always come to the conclusion that do not understand, how do I how to choose the method? Or like many people, failure, choose another negative one, sure another, and then negative again, and then sure again, until there is no money analysis is a variety of methods you are right, it depends on the kind of choice we want the same reason, analysis has a variety of methods you are right, but why do you have to limit yourself to the naked K a method of analysis? Naked K is also a guess, but plus one or dozens of indicators can only be the same guess since you can simply guess it is not complicated to guess it, simple guess at least save some brain cells, Oh said Naked K is mainly too difficult to quantify we can not often in no good way to quantify the ambiguous situation to do a single any curve technology is best to find out the quantitative approach, in order to better guide us at that time in the end to Do more or short, or quantify the bullish crossover temporarily have to wait and see using the 123 + 2B bare K analysis method, which has some to quantify the meaning of bare K bare K indicators or multiple indicators can be, as long as the energy can enhance the reference role of writing EA will have to quantify the signal to write, otherwise it is estimated to write EA my understanding is that the trend can not be precisely linear quantification, EA can also be infinite The pursuit of close to this stage, only to achieve part of the function if you can fully quantify the trend, the market will not have the meaning of existence, we still trade a fart, huh we have to try to quantify, not all cases can be quantified in turn bare K is not completely unable to quantify, sometimes bare K we also have a quantitative approach, such as 123 + 2B is not to quantify the market, is to quantify our behavior, not vulnerable to Emotions around technical indicators or technical analysis, is to help us manage risk, management trading even believe that can use the bare K stable profits are a set of patterns which have to be accumulated over time, and is greatly affected by emotions if even plus other indicators then it will save more time to get a set of patterns to some kind of long and short may be when using the bare K is equivalent to emotional trading, unless there is a stable model, but even if there is, which day emotions The purpose of adding averages and other indicators is to quantify trading and design a set of stable models any indicators including K-line just follow the market speculation is a game of probability, if the method of each transaction is not the same, it does not generate expectations even though I believe there is a certain improvised traders can be stable, they also have a set of methods, but that has to be superb mindset, so that it is not easy to be emotionally swayed trading execution / self-discipline / The unity of words and deeds is a lifelong pursuit of things to let go of and to discuss at great length, Oh look at the long and short are for trading services, and look at the long and short can only be personal subjective predictions, this do not spend too much spirit, because trading is much more important than this, trading to decide to win or lose, of course, the above is only my understanding of the other day a friend, he has done this line for many years (I estimate that he at least do a I think he has done more than ten or twenty years), people never intend to throw away the indicator tools created by the previous people do not use, can use good people have no reason to put aside not to use although they like to use the number of waves + a variety of indicators analysis, but he posted a bare K chart analysis is also first-class unlike those who will only blow their bare K powerful, but do not see it to make a bare K analysis for everyone to see, that can only be reduced to not see the real thing bragging The garbage goods on what tools, with the most universal tools best, those that come with tools is very good in fact, can often encounter only look at the bare K also can not rely on the time to be able to see the bare K look at the bare K do not refuse any kind of useful general method, too complex not to rely on, but not so much energy to take into account so many lines, even the eyes are easy to see flowers no method can tell you the precise market trend, you can do is to the closest to the market data to do a single, after all, only a very few people can invest through the fundamentals or value of what is the closest to the market data? Of course is the K-line you now just did not find the closest market data K-line high probability pattern What is a high probability pattern, is a small stop loss profit probability graph and then how much risk you can take to bet your high probability pattern is effective thinking to guide the manipulation from so many years of experience in manipulation, the most useful strategy or indicator is 8, 13 SMA system (of course you can also use other cycles of Average), two SMAs, gold cross long, if the 8-unit SMA has been on the 13-unit SMA, it will remain long, and vice versa This is the simplest and most effective trend following strategy, in the range city as long as some additional filtering conditions are still effective, if the 8, 13 SMAs in your main chart is not clear, you can make a simple visual deformation indicator, in the 8 line to maintain the 13 line above when The area between the two lines is indicated in yellow, and the bottom is indicated in blue, so that the long trend and short trend at a glance, which is also the principle and expression of the chart indicator MACD   so to speak, this is the only indicator I use and still use in the future (of course, other averages and chart MACD can also be placed in the chart, in order to keep the main graph does not distort and does not affect the sense of the plate) to Everyone a I bare K learning a thought, bare K is actually the analysis of the markets long and short psychology of the short and long energy of a change process can be from the bare K up angle, speed, and the strength of the disk (in fact, the strength is up speed, down speed ~) and more importantly must be introduced to a fractal breakthrough concept, haha matchstick consolidation and breakthrough consolidation when retracing the front of one-half represents what, one-third and what, one-fourth and what, one-fourth represents. One-third and what does it represent, one-quarter and what does it represent, if all retracted this time the market represents what ~ ~ then the concept of matchstick some K lines are not easy to break through once the meaning of the breakthrough is different write some chaos hope to a direction ~ ~ with bare K to determine the trend has to be from the large time frame in a single or several K line analysis gradually to push inside the small time frame ~ ~ This is to determine the correct rate of the market is still very high single time frame to use the bare K judgment accuracy is limited bare K is a right-hand side trading, not to predict the market market out and then do, of course, not the market has gone.... The K line in different situations represents the long and short psychology of the long and short power is different from the naked K traders can just come out of the K line represents the changes in the long and short psychology to judge the market after a period of time of course different naked K traders analyze the market with different methods, I am inclined to the long and short psychological analysis and then find ways to quantify the different situations represented in this different K-line pattern, the formation of their own pattern haha bare K with something high perception to understand the essence of the trend actually looks very clear ~ ~ of course I realm is still far from bare K meaning is not to let you just look at the K-line, is to analyze those key resistance and support near those effective K-line signal, such as pressure near the top K-line signal, resistance near those bottom K-line signal, etc. ... I basically do, but also add a volume such as support levels, look at the bare K do not consider the average, are based on the closing price of the stock around, down for broken, no resistance deviation of 3% in the plate is also judged to be an effective break other are references, with more KDJ ending: a believer in the rain under the eaves, saw a Zen master is walking by with an umbrella, so they shouted: Zen master! Pududu, please! How about taking me for a ride? Zen Master: I am in the rain, you are under the eaves, and there is no rain under the eaves, you dont need me to help the devotee immediately go out from under the eaves, stand in the rain, and say: Now I am also in the rain, should I be helped? Zen Master: I am also in the rain, you are also in the rain, I am not caught in the rain because I have an umbrella; you are caught in the rain because you do not have an umbrella, so it is not me who is taming you, but the umbrella is taming me.
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