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3 attitudes about forex trading review

① no consciousness to do sometimes see th cashback Forexrebatekingforex kind of friends: find a method, want to verify whether cashback forex is feasible, so intend to see the performance of the future how long statistics every time forexrebateindonesia encounter this kind of friends are very puzzled, observe the future of course no problem, but why Forex rebate king go to review the history? If the historical performance, the future may not be OK, but if the historical market can not deal with the direct pass out, what time is spent to verify the real market? Stay up a few nights to review the disk how to save time than waiting for real-time market verification it! The key is that he did not even think about this ② consciousness to do but do not want to do want to know how your system, replay ten years of the market will not be, look at the past ten years every major event, every unexpected event, every single moment of every moment according to your system is how to deal with these are clear, you will have the bottom of the heart but others to my answer is usually: how can go so many statistics Data ah! Look at two or three months still can not every time I lol to let you walk on the moon, it is called impossible, but the compound ten years of the disk, there is no impossible, only willing, lazy, not lazy, escape not to escape I once asked a very poor learning classmates: your brain so smart, should not be such a performance ah, you go home at night in the end to study did not study? But he said: I have no time ah! After school I have to walk with whoever to go to where to eat it, if the stall also have to go to other places to find food it, after dinner have to hurry home to watch the entertainment broadcast it, if the movie station does not broadcast the program can study for a while, but nine oclock Im sleepy, it is impossible to sleep and study it, I have to sleep it is not that I do not want to learn, is really can not do ah! Oh, huh, huh ③ to do I always think: 1, in the case of the same qualifications, diligence is always better than not diligent 2, never blind trading, any kind of method I must know it in the history of all the details of performance, although still does not mean that the future can be profitable, but it is better to know than not to know 3, a method if in the history can not be established, the reality is still testing a bird replay and then trouble is the overall view of the most So again painful I have to review 10 years ago I have not heard of EA, and I can not program, there is no programmer to assist, everything is a paper and pen solution, I dare say that the degree of hard work at that time is second only to the examination, calculated, recorded a stack of things a person high, the room is full of paper, at first a few hours to use up a water pen, think too wasteful, so later changed to use a ball point pen Even in the most difficult moments of life, the family has six or seven people hospitalized, disabled, vegetative, critical illness in those years I did not give up the review, the opportunity to pick up immediately I remember that in the fall of 2013, because of the family business in a row, I eat and sleep are not enough time, has not opened the MT4 eight or nine months one day at 10 oclock at night suddenly have time, rushed to open the work progress records eight or nine months ago, continue The feeling of replay is like a long goodbye reunion with an old friend who is too familiar, no pleasantries, no emotions, straight to the point to do business half an hour or so later, my father called and said my mother had an emergency, I quickly save the progress, make a simple record: a certain year a certain day data processing to which node, the next time to continue from where to start to deal with the first few problems and so on the next time to continue, it is already 2014 is so Intermittent research data where bad trading people, I see most of the loss in attitude as long as the mind does not slip, the method is always more than the difficulty why many people do not want to review it, because it is considered to be low-level repetitive labor, boring, and human nature to pursue comfort, the pursuit of high-end results contrary but here is a big secret when you grit your teeth to the familiar can not be familiar with a section of the market to see a hundred times, a thousand times When, sometimes the answer will unconsciously pop up in your head, you and the market will become one, you find that you know it so well, not know, not familiar, but infinitely close to your own is no personal experience is absolutely no understanding of the figure in the house of gold, depending on whether you study to the moment of quantitative change into qualitative change splitting ten years of firewood can be practiced into a profound knife, pouring ten years of wine can penetrate the copper hole and pass you think Do is repeated boring useless work? You do not feel it yourself, in fact, this is in the subtle influence on you, there is no wasted effort! But the results are not necessarily visible and tangible, such as people drink water and know their own warmth For the vast majority of traders, success or failure excluding factors such as irresistible, in fact, does not lie in intelligence, does not lie in funds, does not lie in the hardware conditions, but to see if you are willing to pay, there is no physical and mental commitment, take not to get not to prove the ambition of this seat system heart one, nothing is not done! Do a comprehensive review, there are still days of losing money in the future, but everything is at peace with every transaction for you the same
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