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Best Time to Trade Forex in London

When is the best time to trade Forex in London? There are many different factors to consider when trading the currency in this major city. While all trading sessions have the potential to be busy, the London session has the most volume. During this time, approximately 30 percent of all trades are completed. For these reasons, morning is considered the best time to trade currency in London. Listed below are a few of the most important factors to consider when trading Forex in London.

First and foremost, trading during the main session is the most profitable time to do business. Although it is true that the market is quieter outside the main session, you can still make money. Remember to keep a schedule and be aware of New York Stock Exchange hours. Additionally, news drivers can influence your trade entries prior to the main session. The economic news calendar is a great tool for this, but it is also important to be aware of market conditions in the local time zone.

Once you understand when the market is the best time to trade forex, you can decide what currency pair to trade. Currency pairs with high volume tend to be riskier and volatile. For this reason, trading during the London session is best for those who are comfortable trading volatile currency pairs. If you are not confident about your trading skills, however, then trading during the New York session is a good idea. Because of the high volume, there is more liquidity during the London session.

Another factor that determines the best time to trade Forex in London is the economic calendar. This calendar lists major economic events and releases that can affect the currency pairs. By knowing these events, you can plan your trades around them. There are several websites that list economic calendars, including the Bank of England website. The economic calendar is extremely important in making money in Forex. You need to make sure you re aware of the key economic events and release dates, or you won t be able to make profits.

National holidays are also important to consider when trading. Holidays can cause fluctuations in liquidity, which can lead to large price swings. National holidays should be avoided when possible. Forex is most liquid during the day, and banks are closed for the holidays. Low volumes and news can have a drastic effect on the price of the currency. You should be prepared to wait until the holidays have passed before trading on forex. If you re looking for a more stable time to trade, you can choose the weekend.

Other factors that determine the best time to trade Forex in London include geopolitical overlap. London is often busier than New York, so there is more activity during this time. However, traders should still practice risk management and monitor market conditions during these sessions. You should also consider the volume and volatility of different markets during the day. When trading Forex in London, you should be aware of the importance of volatility. The higher the volatility, the more volatile the market is.

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